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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Sci-Fi Writing Competition

Like writing futuristic stories about aliens and galaxies far far away? Then this is the writing competition for you. It is hosted by the lovely FashonistaLady, who has come up with the wonderful idea for this competition. 
Sign-ups are still open, so it's not too late to join! Sign up here on the official thread.
Here is a glimpse of what to expect:

Assignment 1: Evacuate Planet Earth!!!

Prompt: The government has just alerted you that you must evacuate Earth to survive.

What to include:
1.What happened to Earth? Did an alien force attack it or did it explode?
2.How do you leave? On a spaceship or flying purple monkey?
3.Where did you go? To Jupiter or to an undiscovered planet?
4.Who do you meet? A green, three-eyed creature or a human-like creature? 

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