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Friday, 8 April 2011

Wish i Could Play Sims More.

I really wish i could play sims more. I'm limited to 1 - 1 and a half hours a day because of school and homework, and because my parents have a go at me if i play for more than that.
I doubt i've ever played the game for more than 2 ours tops in one sitting.
I wish i got to play it more but i just don't have time. :-(
If i were you i would ignore this post because its just completely random and i wanted to post something.


  1. That really sucks your parents don't let you play it for more than that. If it would help though, try explaining to them that you do good in school(assuming you are) and get all your homework done and for all of your hardwork you should be able to play your sims for more than an hour. Also you could try butt kissing :D That's what I did to my Mom when I was still a minor.

  2. Lol, good idea, i'll have to try that.